Our Podiatrists In Miami & Hialeah Can Help Keep You Running & Active


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Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, the demands made on your feet and lower limbs can lead to a range of injuries, including blisters, sprained ankles, torn ligaments, shin splints (leg pain), knee pain and other joint and muscle problems. Your running style, poor footwear, faulty foot mechanics, and even minor limb length differences can also contribute to injury.




How we Get You Back To Your Active Lifestyle

Our doctors provides podiatric care of the highest possible standard to all members of the community as well as elite level athletes. The foot is an incredibly complex part of the body and the range of treatments available reflects this complexity. Through medical and biomechanical treatment of the foot, ankle and lower extremities, we might be able to help resolve the issues you are having. Such issues can hamper your ability to fully enjoy the sport you love, and can limit your overall activity level.

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By employing the science of sports and fitness medicine, today's modern podiatric procedures, and years of experience helping people with their foot and ankle problems, we can help you resolve those nagging issues and faulty foot mechanics -- and get you back on your feet to enjoy the active lifestyle you so enjoy. Foot and ankle injuries are very common in sports, and without proper treatment, an athlete's minor foot issue can turn into a larger, potentially career ending condition.

The treatments offered by our specialist can vary from routine maintenance of a chronic condition to fine tuning the sports shoe of a professional sportsperson. We identify problems by carefully examining a patient's foot. When creating a treatment plan, we take into consideration the potential hazards inherent in an athlete's sport, as well as the needs of the individual athlete. Depending on the severity of a problem, our doctors might prescribe a medication, design a rehabilitation program, or simply provide information on how to avoid future issues. Under certain circumstances, we may be required to perform surgery to repair a broken bone or damaged ligament. 

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