Pregnancy Foot Care

Pregnancy comes with a lot of changes in your life. The things you can eat, the things you can do, the position you sleep in all change as your little one grows in your belly. The body also experiences changes in hormone levels, fluid retention, and bone hardiness. All of these things happen to accommodate the birthing process and prepare you for life with a baby. 

These changes sound pretty uncomfortable, don’t they? The areas that are particularly affected by this are the feet and ankles. Pregnant women can experience heel pain such as in plantar fasciitis, reduced sensitivity in the feet and ankles due to swelling, and ankle strain (Achilles Tendonitis). Fortunately for you, many patients who have experienced this before have told us that the following can help relieve foot and ankle issues:

Take action: 

  • Exercise regularly, but rest when you need to. Too much walking or standing can cause excess pain and/or swelling. Staying active can help to increase circulation and keep it from pooling near your feet and ankles. 
  • When you’ve got swollen feet, elevate your feet on a chair or table so that the fluid can more easily move throughout the body.  
  • Drink lots of water and eat healthy. Staying hydrated can help with circulation and proper nutrition can help you with energy levels and maintaining foot health. 

Assistive accessories:

  • Compression socks and stockings can help restrict swelling in the feet and ankles and promote circulation. 
  • Orthotic inserts or even larger shoes may be necessary when your foot shape changes. The extra weight can cause your feet to flatten and you may need more arch support. Swelling can mean you go up in shoe size. 

Find relief: 

  • Take a bath or even just a foot soak with Epsom salt to relieve pain and reduce swelling. The warm water can relieve tightness and ankle or foot strain. 
  • Foot massages can help relieve tension too. Your feet are working harder to carry the extra weight and need some pampering. Have your partner give you a foot rub or roll a small ball under your feet to massage tight spots. If available to you, foot rubs at a pre-natal massage center can, of course, be beneficial as well. 

While some foot problems and changes are normal, if anything is excessive, you should consult with your OBGYN. Uneven swelling is not normal and could indicate another problem with the pregnancy. If you have an issue with your feet or ankles and cannot find relief, make an appointment with us at PerfectFeetCare Podiatry Centers. Our podiatrists, Dr. Juliette Perez and Dr. Katherine Machado will assess your feet and find the right treatment for you. Call us at our Miami (305-225-4277) or Hialeah (305-246-7437) offices today!