Preparing for Running Events

Got a race coming up? Regardless of length, from a 5K or a full marathon, it’s important to prepare yourself to ensure a safe and successful event. Otherwise, you may end up with blisters, bruised toenails, strained tissues, cramps, or other, more serious injuries. With the right training and preparation, you can avoid much of the painful side of this competition and enjoy the experience more fully.

At, PerfectFeetCare Podiatry Centers, we want our patients to be informed about foot and ankle issues that may arise from participating in running events. The following are some tips for things you can do before your big event:

Slow and Steady Wins the Race:

  • Whether or not your goal is to win the running event, most runners will tell you to make sure you pace yourself so that you can make it to the end. Rushing at the beginning can make you lose stamina and get exhausted before you finish.
  • Additionally, if this is your first running event, it is best to start slow and build up your endurance and speed. Trying too much too quickly can lead you to injury or discourage you from continuing on. Always remember to warm up and stretch before running.

Buying New Shoes Won’t Make You a Better Runner, but Running in Them Will:

  • First, make sure you get supportive running shoes. They should be comfortable when you try them on at the store – don’t hope that you will break them in as you wear them. They should also have good cushioning to absorb the impact that the rest of your body will endure while running, as well as arch and heel support so that your feet don’t have to work hard to stabilize while running.
  • Second, purchasing the best shoes won’t make you run better. It should, however, protect you from strain or injury. It may take a few pairs of shoes to really figure out which shoes are best for your needs. Take them on a test run in the store, but be prepared later to find issues that may make them uncomfortable while you’re running.
  •  Third, you may also find that you need specific pairs of socks to keep your feet comfortable during long distance running. If your feet are prone to blistering, you may find that you have no choice but to use anti-blister creams or protective applications.

Practice, Practice, Practice:

  •  There’s no better preparation than to train. Practice runs will help you increase your running abilities and keep you aware of your limits.
  • However, don’t overdo it – make sure you give yourself rest in between trainings, and take time to relax and recover before and after the running event.

Wondering if your feet are ready for a running event? Contact us at PerfectFeetCare Podiatry Centers. Our podiatrists, Dr. Juliette Perez and Dr. Katherine Machado will assess your feet and make recommendations for your upcoming race. Make an appointment with us at our Miami (305-225-4277) or Hialeah (305-246-7437) offices today!