Modified Exercises for Injured Feet

Sometimes, injuries to the feet, ankle, or legs can keep you inactive for several weeks, or even months. Depending on the injury, going to the gym may not even be an option! However, we cannot stress the importance of staying somewhat active (as much as is recommended by your podiatrist and primary care physician) to maintain overall health. Not only will it promote healing to get your blood pumping and circulating fluids that may be causing swelling, it will help you from weakening your uninjured side by sitting idly by.

The following are modified exercises or alternative exercises you can do when your foot or feet are injured:

·Cardiovascular: Swimming and rowing (machine) are great alternatives for when you can’t run or use the elliptical due to an injured foot.

·Ab: Crunches, Yoga boat pose, and leg ups (while lying down) – these will all engage your abs without additional strain to your foot injury.

·Upper and Lower body: You can use machines in the gym to do upper or lower body workouts. Bicep curls and lat pull downs can be done while sitting and don’t require you to put weight on your feet. For legs, you can do leg curls and leg extensions to work on the hamstrings and quadriceps. Your feet do not have to be involved in these machine workouts.

·Push Ups and Pull Ups: Both of these can be done if you only have one side injured. For push ups, put the injured foot on top of the other foot while you do your push ups, or use your knees for modified pushups. For pull ups, you can use a step stool to get you up to the bar and then you don’t even need your feet while you work on them!

Remember to check with your doctor before engaging in these activities, especially because the type of exercise you can do will depend on the severity of your injury. If you’ve got a foot injury, we can help you treat the injury and give you ideas to keep you going even while injured. Contact us at PerfectFeetCare Podiatry Centers. Our podiatrists, Dr. Juliette Perez and Dr. Katherine Machado will assess your injury and recommend modified exercises for you. Make an appointment with us at our Miami (305-225-4277) or Hialeah (305-246-7437) offices.