Q-Clear Away Your Fungal Toenails!

Have you been fighting persistent toenail fungus that just won’t seem to go away? It leaves you with ugly, thick, discolored toenails, making it embarrassing to go barefoot at all. It can even cause the toenail to become brittle and even crack. You may have tried all the topical creams, with not much luck, since the fungus seems to keep coming back and your toenails stay discolored. So what’s your other option?

At PerfectFeetCare Podiatry Centers, we have the solution for you. Topical treatments for onychomycosis (fungal infection) can cover your skin infection, but cannot get under the toenails. Oral medications can leave you with unwanted side effects, like liver damage. Our Q-Clear laser treatment, on the other hand, can safely and easily remove fungus from under the nails! The Q-Clear™ q-switched NdYAG laser treatment only takes 1-3 treatments in our office to effectively remove fungus, for good. The procedure works by using a particular wavelength of focused laser energy to fight onychomycosis. It’s quick, pain-free, and requires no recuperation time.

While the treated nail will not turn back to clear/white, the new parts of the toenail that grow out will not be affected by the fungus. The new part of the nail growing out will be healthy and clean.

Ready to get rid of that pesky fungus for good? Make an appointment with us at our Miami (305-225-4277) or Hialeah (305-558-7437) offices. Our podiatrists, Dr. Juliette Perez and Dr. Katherine Machado are proud to offer laser treatment as an option to you, our important patient. Call us today to get more information!